Our Albums

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still” ~ Dorothea Lange


We’ve always believed in the importance of having something tangible to remember your wedding day, but in a fast changing digital world albums are more important that ever. There is nothing quite like turning the pages of a beautifully crafted album. One that holds those memories still on the page. Telling one of the happiest days of your life, forever.

We know that each of you may have a different vision for how you would like your album to look, and so we are proud to offer a choice of different styles of album.

Contemporary Album (top middle)

This stunning, A3 size album is made from 100% cotton rage and archival ink, meaning that they will last for generations! Keep them on your coffee table to look through and show off to your friends, family, kids. These award winning contemporary albums have a luxury photo book feel. They are custom designed and printed on beautiful matte 216gsm paper. They tell the story of your day from beginning to end, through approximately 200 photos/80 pages.

They have a linen cover that you can customise to a range of colours, and your names embossed.

Queensberry Albums (top right and left)

We are proud to offer a range of unique, handcrafted Queensberry albums to our clients. Queensberry Albums come with hard, lay flat pages, beautiful fine art printing on archival stock and an extensive range of linen or buchram cover options and name embossing. The album is presented in a soft velvet bag for that extra bit of care! The main difference between the Flushmount and the Matted is that the edges of the print are in the matted albums are concealed by an overlaying matt, giving it a more ‘traditional’ feel.

Queensberry Flushmount Album

At 1.5mm thick, the pages of these gorgeous albums have hard pages that lay completely flat. They are slightly more selective, holding around 70-90 photos over 40 pages. The lay flat pages mean you can encorporate some unique and interesting designs, with the images seamlessly spanning across two pages.

Queensberry Overlay Matted Album

A true statement album and a real work of art. These albums around 40-60 photos over 30 pages. Prints are mounted onto the hard, lay flat pages, and the edges of the prints are hidden under an upper ‘mat’ layer. The result is individually framing each photo, making if feel like a classical album from days gone by.

Parent Albums

Parent Albums are available for both Contemporary and Queensberry albums for $500. They are a small, as close as possible, replica album to match your larger album. Where it is not possible to replicate (e.g. matts), a similar effect is given digitally. The Parent Albums are only availble alongside a larger album.