Elizabeth & Vincent

So… technically Elizabeth & Vincent’s shoot wasn’t really an engagement session at all……. they’ve been married for the last 7 years!! But they are clearly still so much in love that it definitely could have been!!

Elizabeth is a very talented wedding photographer from Chicago (check out her gorgeous work here) so we were honoured when she asked if would capture some photos of her with her husband whilst they were here in New Zealand for their 7th year anniversary trip. As a photographer, she said, she wanted to document the truly special times in their lives…. a concept that we thought was so meaningful and lovely….. something we should all do more!!

Elizabeth & Vincent, thank you for being so sweet together and for reminding us of the importance of photography not just on your wedding day…. but as a record of your lives as the years pass by and times change xxx

111-storyboard112-storyboard113-storyboard114-storyboard115-storyboardA beautiful Queenstown Engagement Shoot with photography by Alpine Image Company117-storyboard118-storyboard119-storyboard120-storyboardAn engagement shoot at lake hayes with a gorgeous bride and groom122-storyboard123-storyboard124-storyboard125-storyboard126-storyboardA Queenstown engagement shoot is a perfect way to record your romance128-storyboard129-storyboard130-storyboard131-storyboard132-storyboardA beautiful couple on a queenstown engagement shoot. 134-storyboard135-storyboard136-storyboard137-storyboard138-storyboard139-storyboard140-storyboard141-storyboard142-storyboardElizabeth and Vincent are so cute together on their queenstown engagement shoot144-storyboard