Lina & Reuben | Wellington Wedding | Botanical Gardens

It’s no secret that we love Wanaka weddings, but when couples ask us if we’ll shoot further afield, the answer is absolutely…. hell yeah! It’s so exciting to be somewhere different… different light, completely new locations, and lots of chances to get creative!

As soon as Lina & Reuben got in touch about their Wellington wedding, we knew it was going to be a goodie. Reuben is a stand up comedian although even he will admit that Lina is ‘the funny one’, and anyone who knows us here at Alpine will know how much we love couples with a good sense of humour. They wanted their wedding to be relaxed, relatively ‘detail free’, fun and outdoors no matter what the weather threw at them. They don’t feel like they are a couple who are into grand gestures, so rather than an engagement ring for Lina, they went out together and bought a Nintendo 64 and a bunch of games from their childhoods. How awesome is that!! You can just imagine how many hours of entertainment and laughs it gives them. A fantastic reminder that sometimes it is the smaller moments between couples, the every day moments that make up yours lives together, the laughter and fun, that should be treasured. And with these two, we’re absolutely positive that there are many, many of those… starting with their wedding day xxx