Marewa & Davie

When we asked Marewa & Davie to tell us a little bit about themselves they certainly gave everyone in the studio a bit of a laugh when they told us that they just can’t play Monopoly together as they are both far too competitive!! In the past the battle to procure ‘Park Lane’ has proven to be too much, and their last attempt at the game caused them to return from their holiday on the first night after Davie won… Ops!

Competitive natures aside, this two are quite obviously perfect for each other. Their enthusiasm for life has taken them to many different places over the last 6 years, and they’ve already completed some huge projects together such as building their first house. Pretty impressive for a couple in their 20s! Marewa & Davie – huge congratulations to you both, and thank you for being such a fantastic couple. We can’t wait to hear what adventures you get up to next xxx

Venue: Jacks Point

Makeup: Renee Little

Hair: Ginger Meggs

Flowers: The Flower Room

Bride’s Dress: Jane Yeh

Videographer: Lovelight

Celebrant: Phillipa Cook

Helicopter: Over The Top

Planner: Emma Newman Weddings