Mat & Eilidh | Arrowtown Backyard Wedding |

Mat is a Kiwi who teaches music at a local school, and Eilidh is a nurse from The Black Isle in Scotland. You probably could ask for a better combination to pack a wedding full of talent, tradition and masses of fun.

Pretty much everyone who helped bring the day together were either friends or family. Peter their celebrant is Mat’s Dad (he’s a local celebrant to Queenstown and an all round true gent), Eilidh brother in law played the bagpipes as she walked down the aisle, and their florist was good friend Rach of The Green Room Flower Company talent!

Everyone was fed copious amounts of whiskey, and in true Scottish tradition, the ‘loving cup’ was brought out after the ceremony. This two handed silver bowl is topped up with whisky by the bride, and passed around the wedding party to sip once the legal proceedings have been concluded. A surefire way to kick start one hell of a party…… 😉