Theresa & Justin | Proposal Shoot | Coromandel Peak

Theresa was taken completely by surprise when Justin proposed to her on top of Coromandel Peak last month.

A cunning plan had us posing as ‘promotional photographers’ for Alpine Helicopters on their scenic flight, while Justin popped the question! If there were any nerves on his part, they soon disappeared as the look on Theresa’s face said it all. An absolute YES!

Justin gets down on one knee as his fiance turns around with a huge smile on her face. They are on top of a mountain and the lake and scenery behind them is spectacular. Theresa gives her fiance a huge kiss. He has just proposed and she has said yes. They are standing on a peak with mountains and a lake behind them. Theresa gives her new fiance a huge hug. They are both smiling and happy. There are lakes and mountains behind them as they are standing on a mountain peak. A newly engaged couple embrace as they look out onto Lake Wanaka from a mountain top peak. There are snow capped mountains surrounding them. Theresa hugs her new fiance. Her smile is huge and she has her eyes closed in happiness. Theresa leads her new fiance by the hand up a grassy hillside. They look down onto a lake, and there are mountains in the background. A couple embrace on a mountain side as they look out onto the setting sun. There are snow capped mountains in the background and they are happy together. A couple walk along a ridge line. The sun is behind them and they look like sillouettes. There aere snow capped mountains behind them and the lake is also in the background. It is a bluebird day and only a smattering of clouds in the sky. With photography by Alpine Image Company.